Our Team

Energetic Cleaning Services is a highly experienced innovative cleaning company with over 80 full time and part-time staff.  Energetic is recognized throughout the cleaning industry as a company whose staff strive for the highest level of professional cleaning and care.

We specialize in Strip & Seals and polish work as well as general cleaning of business and commercial premises. Our principals adhere to Australian Regulatory standards as outlined by the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission.

All of our cleaners are inducted and go through an intensive training regime. Training includes dress codes and procedures and incentive programs plus the use and needs to use environmentally friendly chemicals.

You need to have the right staff, the right equipment, the right technology, to succeed in the cleaning industry.  Energetic is that successful company for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

  • Scott Griffin – Semi-retired (Owner)
  • Rachel Huston (Chief executive officer – CEO)
  • Hardeep Singh (Sales & Marketing Manager)
  • Terri Dossetto (Office Manager)
  • Karamjeet Malhi (Project Administrator)
  • Jeremy Williams (Maintenance Manager)
  • Peter Pearce (Mechanic)